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Startin Tractors App

View our catalogue while you are out on the go

Sales, service and parts for tractors, combine harvesters, construction equipment, and farm machinery.

Our stock changes daily, each item is photographed in detail and available for customers to view on their iPhone and iPad using our specially designed Startin App.

Log in to receive automatic stock updates.

Download photographs and machine details and view offline.

Dipstick App

Manage your own parts and stock with this handy app

Dipstick is a handy little app for your iPhone or iPad that is used to store photographs, details and service records for your tractors and machinery.

Download a parts catalogue for your CaseIH tractor to your iPhone or iPad and use your parts catalogue to create an email to your supplier for a quote.

Dipstick provides a simple way teep a record of your own parts stock and maintain a service history for each machine in your barn.

All of this at your finger tips for a small, one-of payment of just £7.49. Click the download button to head over to the iTunes store for further information.

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